How Data Backup Solutions Can Save Your Business From Failure

Data backup systems might seem an expensive luxury to buy, they're cheap in comparison to the cost of not having a backup in a crisis. If you think about the proven fact that 93 per cent of companies go out of business within 2 yrs of a critical data loss, celebrate sound business sense to place data backup solutions in position.

Traditionally, bulk storage of information has been accomplished using magnetic tape systems. This is now widely seen as obsolete, because of the problems of wear on the media and also the fact that the older data backup solutions technology continues to be overtaken. The magnetic tape includes a long history in computer data storage - fundamental essentials reels you accustomed to seeing spinning around in old sci-fi movies. One drawback was the time it took to access a data item because you needed to tell you the tape to achieve the section you desired. In other words, it had been a serial access device, whereas disks allow random access, which is much faster.

Should you support a disk simply by copying its contents to another disk, you could be storing many duplicate copies of the same file, or part of a file. For example, a picture that appears in a number of documents might be stored once for every document. Modern data backup solutions use a technique known as de-duplication. This does what it says - it removes duplicated files and replaces them with references to some single copy. De-duplication can help to save large sums of space for storage and can save correspondingly large amounts of your time.

The predicament in which the Small/Medium Business or Enterprise (SMB/SME) finds itself is how to locate data backup solutions robust enough to satisfy its legal and business needs at an affordable price. Most of the big suppliers of those systems cater to huge multinational corporations, that may afford their high costs. On the other hand, low-priced systems look after small organizations or individuals, with relatively lightweight backup storage requirements.

SMB/SMEs will often attempt to implement their data backup solutions by putting together system components sourced from different vendors, frequently with no success. The magnitude of the task is not appreciated until too late, once the servers, disk drives, tape drives and backup software are put before them, or their chosen system integrator. A specialist data backup solutions company for example Revinetix understands what's needed and may fully implement and offer the complete system. you can click on or visit online data backup for more information.