What Are the Benefits of Server Colocation?

The data is very vital for business. When the business uses the process of server colocation, it can safeguard its data, information, and reports in another location with utmost security. Learn more about the advantages and value added benefits of this option. Server Management

• Economic: The primary reasons for the going for co-locating the servers would be that they are economical and very secure. The only initial investment involved is the purchasing of servers. At times, this is also reduced if the company chooses to rent out the servers from the colocation provider at a nominal monthly or quarterly rental. Server Help

• Safety assured: The safety for the data and data transfer is assured as this forms the key in the service level agreements between the parent company and the outsourcing service provider. The service provider has to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the servers installed, as power drips are the primary enemy for the memories in these electronic gadgets. Periodic backup also adds to the safety. If anything goes wrong, the archives can be reinstated, and the system is back to normalcy. The firewalls, anti-virus, anti-span software are installed and updated periodically by the service provider to prevent hacking of any kind. Server Repair 

• Servers in a different location: When the organization has its servers in the same premises as the core business, there are many disadvantages. Lots of space is occupied for the server and their backup archives. The ancillary installations such as air-conditioning and access card provisions increase the installation and operational costs. These can be reduced to a great extent in case of placing the servers in the location of the outsourcing agency. Moreover, when there is a major unforeseen accident in the business premises, the data related to the business is still safe in another location. This plays the role of business continuity planning. Server Installation

• Traffic managed well: When you buy bandwidth from an internet service provider, he fixes the ceiling above which the traffic is not allowed. However, there are no limitations when you co-locate your servers and access your data from the different location. Since the bandwidth offered by the colocation provider is very high and flexible, the web traffic is managed well. In case of peak periods, the extra bandwidth is provided while only the usage is charged in case of learner cycles. This feature also reduces the operating costs for the organization. Server Maintenance