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Carbon Monoxide is a major environmental health and safety issue in homes and the workplace. Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, colourless and odourless gas, and in dangerous quantities causes symptoms that are similar to influenza. It is because symptoms such as headache and dizziness are common in many other ailments that deaths occur; people simply don't recognise the symptoms as being dangerous. EHS Software

The build-up of the dangerous gas comes from the incomplete combustion of gas, oil, petrol, paraffin and solid fuels usually because there is insufficient oxygen present. In a domestic environment, this can be due to a blocked flue from a heater, or a poorly ventilated house. For this reason, it is essential to have all appliances tested routinely by a trained environmental health and safety professional. In many countries, gas appliances are required by law to be tested annually to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Chemical Safety

To reduce the risk further, it is recommended that carbon monoxide detectors are installed in any area that has an appliance that has the potential to be a hazard. Boats, caravans, campers and workshops are included in the list of hazardous environments where deaths have previously occurred due to toxic levels of carbon monoxide. At present, the safety level for carbon monoxide concentration is 50 parts per million. In concentrations of up to 200 parts per million, the effects of poisoning become more severe but not lethal. EHS Compliance

Although acute exposure is highly dangerous, chronic cases due to long term exposure at low levels are also a major concern for environmental health and safety officials. Symptoms include headaches, nausea and memory loss but persistent exposure can lead to long-term neurological damage. Some professions are inherently at greater risk of poisoning through low-level exposure, such as mechanics and welders; it is therefore recommended that constant air quality monitoring procedures are put into place in such working environments. Safety Data Sheets

This article serves as a brief guide on the issues surrounding carbon monoxide poisoning, for more information about health and safety at home or in the workplace, it is recommended that you consult a qualified environmental health and safety professional. EHS Services