Data Center Airflow

When people think about protecting data centers, their first instinct is to focus on anti-virus programs. However, there are often other threats to data centers that people often don't consider until the very last minute when designing their data center: Airflow.
Data centers can be very hot and have to be kept cool. If they aren't, they overheat. This can happen fast if something breaks down. The best case scenario in that situation is that data is lost. In the worst case, fires could start. So keeping things cool is a priority. Unfortunately, inefficiency in keeping cool air in data centers plague the industry. Read here
Upsite Technology did a survey of 45 data centers. What they found wasn't very good. On average, 48% of properly cooled air was lost due to poor sealing and perforated tiles that weren't placed properly. Air conditioners had to work harder, and equipment was less reliable. This meant that the owners had to pay more money. Know more
There are simple ways to increase airflow though. For starters, seal any holes that you find, including holes made by cables. This will keep air from escaping. Be sure to check for holes often. If at all possible, have redundancies ready in case a cooling unit breaks down. Click here
You should also use the Cold Aisle/Hot Aisle Method. In simplest terms, you should arrange your servers so that the aisles alternate between hot and cold. This will cut down on the mixing of air for best results. You should also monitor everything regularly.
Anti-virus programs and the most top of the line tech do you no good if things are overheating. They also don't do your customers much good either, A data center with properly controlled air flow will protect your data and save you money. It will also keep you and your employees safe. Visit site